• 4000

    4,000 random WereWolf NFTs

  • Hybrid Collection

    Phase 1 is launched on Eth. Phases 2,3 and 4 launched on Sol.

  • ©

    Includes creative and commercial rights usage of your wolf for as long as you keep the NFT

  • 100%

    Unlock additional benefits through roadmap activations and future phases

Join The WereWolf Club

The WereWolF Club is an hybric collection of 4,000 unique, randomly generated werewolves NFTs on the Ethereum and Solana blockchain.

Every Wolf is unique and programmatically generated from over 500+ possible attributes and traits like backgrounds, skins, clothes, mouths, heads, eyes and more. Some wolves are rarer than others.

Owning a WereWolf NFT gives you an unprecedented advantage and exclusive access to our Holders discord channel for huge contests and giveaways.



We are pleased to announce our ‘Roadmap’
for The WereWolf Club with 4,000 NFTs in total.
A project developed by Lara Labs.

Phase 01 (SOLD OUT)

• 501 NFT on Eth BlockChain (SOLD OUT)
• We will release 501 exclusive NFT generated automatically on Eth BlockChain. Whitelist Launch date will start at 10 Jan 22. Whitelist Passes available to early 1000 members. Prize Will be 0.02 ETH. Whitelist Mint will be opened for 72 hours, whitelisted users will have priority to buy. After that, we price will be increased to 0.05ETH.
• Launch website.

• Creation of the Smartcontract on the Ethereum BlockChain.

• Presentation of the Team.

• Collabs with influencers and NFT pages

• First 100 NFTs buyers will enter in a 5000$ and 10 NFTs giveaway.

• Daily giveaways and contests in our discord server: pfp, collabs, invites, activity contest and NFTs giveaways.

• NFT Owners will have access to VIP Discord channel. Holding a Werewolf will give you access to great giveaways and rewards, plus a gift of a 3D werewolf NFT of the new collection (in development).

• Listing on Rarity Tools and other NFT calendars. Posts in Reddit and Medium.

• Collabs with other collections

Phase 02 2001 NFTs on Sol BlockChain (SOLD OUT)

•We change Eth to Sol BlockChain. Price is 0.5 Sol.
•Creation of a community wallet. 50% of royalties from secondary sales will go to the community.
•Monthly Fanart contests
•Monthly Werewolves tales contests
•Second Pre-sale. We will release 2001 exclusive NFTs generated automatically for pre-sale. Pre-sale date will be 31st January. Pre-sale Passes available to early 500 members. Presale price will be 0.5SOL. After that, the prize Will be 0.6 SOL. Pre-Sale Mint will be opened for 72 hours, users will have priority to buy.
•10 Legendaries WereWolfes will be released. If you get one, you will earn 1000$ as a bonus.
•Getting featured on NFT project platforms like nftcatcher, nextdrop, rarity sniper, raritymon.com, nftpromo.art (…)
•Weekly NFT giveaways in our discord server.

Phase 03 1500 3D WEREWOLVESNFT

•We will release the 3D WereWolf Collection. Price 0.7 SOL.
•Third Pre-sale. We will release 1500 exclusive 3D NFTs generated automatically for pre-sale. Pre-sale date will be announced 15 days before the launch. Pre-sale Passes available to early 1750 members.


You can now stake your WereWolves here: https://www.solalandhq.com/stake/DmJBr7a35U4QzD8ems1nXM98QopQwKpjZ8KKMcfyXTUa
The more NFTs you stake, the more rewards you will get. You have to stake at least 1 week to claim $WWOLF rewards. 15 $WWOLF will be rewarded daily per NFT. It's time to get more NFTs for more $WWOLF rewards.If you don't have Phase 2 WW, you can buy them here: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/the_werewolf_club